Simple But Fun Kids Birthday Parties

It's approaching that time of the year again. The time your child never thought would come, the time you dreaded so you don't have to watch them grow up so fast. Who could blame them though. The excitement of having all your friends over for games and munchies, receiving the presents you have been begging for all year round.

What they don't see, is panic you go through. The same questions come around every year. "What present do I buy?", Where do I buy my party decorations?", "What party theme do we go with?".

Luckily, Party Themes have you least on the theme and decoration part. Party Themes always stocks the latest trends in themed party ware, so you can ensure when its time for the finishing touches, you don't need to panic. Follow below for some great themes.

Lego Batman Birthday Party Theme

Remember those little characters from your childhood, where you would build their house in a hundred different configurations?Would you ever have thought back then, that they would still have such a big presence today? Well thanks to the success of The Lego Movie, the masterminds of Hollywood gifted us with the Lego Batman. Party Themes stocks a range of Lego Batman themed party ware that is guaranteed to make an kids birthday party stand out from the rest.

Avengers Birthday Party Theme

With 10 years worth of movies behind their belt, The Avengers are here to stay and always a great hit at birthday parties. With all the popular characters appearing, you can complete your child's dream of having their heroes show up at their party with themed Avengers Plates, Avengers cups, Avengers balloons and more!

Sesame Street Birthday Party Theme

Filled with colour and smiling character, you can’t go wrong with this tried and true kid favourite. And what’s more, add in your own sing-a-longs and you have a created a fun learning game for the whole clan! For those parents who have invested all of their time in yummy cakes and shopping for presents, you can find Sesame Street specific decorations at Party Themes.