Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas!

With the launch of Pokemon Go, Pokemon birthdays have exploded all around the world! There are so many fun and creative ideas for this theme. Pokeballs make for a great Pokemon birthday, and the design is simple enough to make out of different types of foods, like pizza and fruit! There are so many options for a Pokemon birthday, so you can definitely get creative and have a lot of fun.


Many of these Pokemon-themed goodies are super easy to make. You don’t have to be an excellent chef or an amazing baker to get them done. Get inspiration for your child’s birthday cake, invitations, party favors, balloons, decorations, and more!

Creative Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas - Pretty My Party


Pokemon Pokeball Pizza

How about this amazing and delicious Pokeball Pizza! It’s the same pizza goodness that everybody loves, but with a twist. You can order two pepperoni pizzas and two cheese pizzas and swap their halves so you have two yummy Pokeball pizzas. Don’t forget the black olives and cheese on top!

Pokeball Fruit Tray

Want something healthy for dessert? This Pokeball Fruit Tray will fit right into your Pokemon party. It’s super easy to make too! Just grab some strawberries and bananas, cut them up and serve in a round, black tray.

Pokeball Oreos

These Pokeball Oreos are super cute, and they’re the perfect treat for someone with a sweet tooth. Can you believe that these are made with just 4 ingredients and it only takes 30 minutes to make 2 dozen?

Pokemon Candy Pokeballs

Look at these adorable Pokemon Candy Pokeballs! They are definitely perfect for your party’s dessert table. Kids will go crazy once they see the surprise inside!

How to make Pokemon Pokeball Plates

Of course, planning a party isn’t just all about the food. Even your plates, cups, and decor should match the theme.

Pikachu Peep Pops

Just how cute are these Pikachu Peep Pops? This is a super crafty way to turn ordinary peeps into an adorable dessert that fits your party perfectly.

Creative Pokemon Birthday Party Cake - Pretty My Party

This gorgeous Pokemon Birthday Cake is just the perfect centerpiece for your party table! You can request for your kid’s favourite Pokemon to be the cake toppers too!

Creative Pokemon Birthday Party Cookies - Pretty My Party

Basic sugar cookies with a Pokemon twist! These Pokemon Cookies can be made with any basic sugar cookie recipe, but you’ll definitely have so much fun decorating them!

Creative Pokemon Birthday Party Cake - Pretty My Party

Looking for more Pokemon Cake ideas? How about this one? It’s super simple, but it just screams Pokemon! It’s definitely perfect for any Pokemon-themed birthday party.

Creative Pokemon Birthday Party Cupcakes - Pretty My Party

Don’t want a big cake? How about having these Pokemon Party Cupcakes instead? These yummy cupcakes will look great on your party tables!

Pokeball - Creative Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas - Pretty My Party

Time for some awesome party favors! These DIY Pokemon Pokeball Party Favors take just 10 minutes to make, and your kid’s friends will definitely have fun using them to try and catch ‘em all! Don’t forget to add a treat inside. How about a cute Pokemon figurine? The kids will be super excited to see what Pokemon they caught!

Cupcakes - Creative Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas - Pretty My Party

More cupcakes? Why not! These awesome Pokemon Cupcakes will look just amazing on your dessert table.

Dessert Table - Creative Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas - Pretty My Party

Plates, Cups, Napkins and Table Cover - Creative Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas - Pretty My Party

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