Organising A Great 1st Birthday Party

Did your kids first birthday come around quicker than expected? Now you're realising how tough a first birthday really is to plan! Your child can't tell you what they want and you have to think of the best way to make it special. Don't worry, these five simple tips will help you plan a memorable day, ensuring your child's first birthday is successful

Not Your Typical Cake..

Who wouldn't agree that the best part of any kids 1st birthday party is watching the little one enjoying their cake. Oh we don't mean eating it.... we mean by smearing it all over their hands, face, the table and anything else they can cover. Smash cakes are a great alternative to giving them their own slice. The guests can enjoy a seperate cake while your child is busy in their own world having fun with their smash cake.

The best part? Smash cakes can fit virtually any theme you choose and most bakeries will now offer them.

Have Your Camera Handy

Your kid definitely wont remember their 1st birthday party, but you’ll want a way you can look back or share with them just how much fun they had. In a world where all of our memories are easily shared and stored digitally, it's important to capture the right shot. The photographer doesn't always have to be you, given you have plenty to worry about, but a friend or family member can save you a lot, unless you wish to hire a photographer.

Helping Hand

At this point in planning you are probably under the pump. Guests are becoming difficult, food is becoming cold and you are losing track of the kids. It is essential to ask for help. A significant other or trusted family member will never be too much to take that bit of weight of your shoulders.


The right kind of balloons are important for any birthday party. Themed parties with balloons that don't much, just throws it off. Latex balloons will pop easily, creating a choking hazard for kids so best to stay away from those. Foil balloons are a great alternative which also come in a wide range of variations.

Remember To Enjoy Your Day Too

While it's good to be organised, remember that the day is a celebration, an occasion to enjoy and still have some time to relax. Where you can, keep it simple. Try not to over plan. Babies do get tired easy but so long as you have a good time, so do they.